Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Free Domain Full DNS Service 2013

Think about free domain provider give full DNS control bellows. Which one the best for you. I has try CO.NR, Dot.TK, and EU.ORG

CO.NR is so far the best free domain name service I found on the web. I personally used it in the past and liked it. They provide redirection service that means your websitename.co.nr will be redirected to your original domain. But it will mask/hide your long & difficult to remember URL. They also support Meta tags, Google webmaster tools and many more. You can see the full specifications of this co.nr domain in my post entitled with free domain name registration.

DOT.TK is another free domain name registration service that enables one to mask their un-professional URL into websitename.tk domain name. They provide 2 types of services, first is only redirection like co.nr does and the second one is with the support of name servers. I found this one interesting because they provide free domain name service with DNS support. You can make a DOT.TK domain to point your server’s name server IP address to get it redirected to the original domain name. They are up and running this service since 2001.

EU.ORG is another free domain name service that looks like premium one. They are providing this service since 1995. Though they look like country level domain but their service is intended for all of the users across the world. Like DOT.TK they also provide users with DNS support and also allow them to modify MX records.

If you were looking for a free domain name service, I hope I helped you. You can choose any one that suits your need; they all are free of cost.Free Domain Full DNS Service 2013

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